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Hiring Process

The "Hiring Process" at ZAPTA Technologies is a meticulously designed journey, combining rigorous evaluations and personalized interactions to identify exceptional talent. With a commitment to fairness and inclusivity, ZAPTA Technologies ensures a seamless and transparent process, welcoming individuals who embody the company's values and drive its success.

hiring process

Our Hiring Process

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Initial Screening

We optimize the candidate assesment by the meticulous resume review and streamlined telephonic screening calls.

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Technical Interview

Evaluating applicants' skills and problem-solving abilities in a concentrated and extensive assessment.

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Final Interview

The concluding stage where top candidates comprehensive evaluation & in-depth analysis for the desired role.

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Offer Letter

After a successful interview, an offer letter will be sent to you, for providing position details, benefits, and more.

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Our HR Team

Aliya Batool

HR Manager

Usama Rana

HR Officer

Khadija Saif

Technical Recruiter

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